Prophesy 2 Of Tomorrows News

Its best to go and take a rest, but i try to write a prophesy first... Principals talks about what the childrens learn the childrens... consecuens of drunk people is big... the plaine company complains and is angry... young childs familys couple saves alot on kupp with low prices... and some news about stavanger IMI church... girl got stalked... customers reads about complaines... while bombing ???? they scream : allah is biiig!!! they dont got clothes, wather and food... childrens not good with mathemathic... its cold.... running conntest in europa.... complains about the winner, probably a russian... and some news about italy? jonas garh reads amd hear about the dramatic things.... NATO general secretary hold a speach.... it rains bombs against isis and they dont know what to say.... knut arild hareide also want to say something in the news i belive.... some more news of dogs.... is bagdad people suffer? man and a knife and a friend.... jonas garh on live tv with an importan message...

this was my chosen words... i havent yet had time too write down the next day news from my Prophesy 1...will doo SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON for shure! ;) say no to to much meat...

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Future Chris-Andre Christensen FAMILY

Future Chris-Andre Christensen FAMILY

26, Stavanger

i know the next days news, im also related to norway most popular blogger : Anna Rasmussen - enjoy see the future, NO guesing! :) give your email so i can let you know when i post what people are talking about the next day :) 5 scars... got my (1 second after i wrote (got my) that it knocked on my door and i got a pack of tobac) scar in forehead when i was a baby...1 scar is 20 cm long ;) (follow me hermines for i got the biggest scar the same year director Chris released the first Harry Potter movie.) TOVE LO LYRICS - Stay High