Prophesy 3 - What Will Come In News Tomorrow....

CINEMA, no no no, SEE this movie ????.... Singing artists, adelle or justin bieber??... pray for queen siv jensen for getting stronger and the wings that keep her up in heaven, she will win.... christine give away food... we see you, golden chair... poor... older people forgets, its an diagnose... who`s suffering? get some help with Big Money... Red Alarm, the ice melting record... peace negotiation...

this was my chosen words... later i will do what work i yet didnt have time for...

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Future Chris-Andre Christensen FAMILY

Future Chris-Andre Christensen FAMILY

26, Stavanger

i know the next days news, im also related to norway most popular blogger : Anna Rasmussen - enjoy see the future, NO guesing! :) give your email so i can let you know when i post what people are talking about the next day :) 5 scars... got my (1 second after i wrote (got my) that it knocked on my door and i got a pack of tobac) scar in forehead when i was a baby...1 scar is 20 cm long ;) (follow me hermines for i got the biggest scar the same year director Chris released the first Harry Potter movie.) TOVE LO LYRICS - Stay High