desember 2015

The Years LONGEST Chills!

I know you think of Harry Potter, i got the strongest and longest chills just few moments ago! GIVE ME YOUR POWER!

Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Lani Misalucha) : Butterfly Dance - Yanni Lyrics~Sweet Nothin's-Brenda Lee

Prophesy 2 Of Tomorrows News

Its best to go and take a rest, but i try to write a prophesy first... Principals talks about what the childrens learn the childrens... consecuens of drunk people is big... the plaine company compl...

Sophie Elise Wrote, Easy Understandeble...

I Wrote : 08.12.2015 Tomorrow is probably MERKEL on first page... News The Day After : 09.12.2015 Angela Merkel On Front/First-Page In Magazine. THE HEADLINE : ANGELA MERKEL : PERSON OF THE YEAR...

Sophie Elise Write

Sophie Elise Write : 10.12.2015 Person idiots of the year should be Donald Trumph. Order Prophesy About Sophie Elise : IF someone want to know the future of Sophie Elise order what you want to...


I did write too much, now i must hide my last 2 post, I will edit those 2 post and give an overview who dont tell too much and edit so it would be easy too understand. Also, I will edit my first 2...

Ny blogg!

Velkommen til! :) Dette er det aller frste innlegget i din nye blogg. Her vil du finne nyttig informasjon, enten du er ny som blogger eller har blogget fr. Trenger du litt starthjelp f...
Future Chris-Andre Christensen FAMILY

Future Chris-Andre Christensen FAMILY

26, Stavanger

i know the next days news, im also related to norway most popular blogger : Anna Rasmussen - enjoy see the future, NO guesing! :) give your email so i can let you know when i post what people are talking about the next day :) 5 scars... got my (1 second after i wrote (got my) that it knocked on my door and i got a pack of tobac) scar in forehead when i was a baby...1 scar is 20 cm long ;) (follow me hermines for i got the biggest scar the same year director Chris released the first Harry Potter movie.) TOVE LO LYRICS - Stay High